Kiminote and the love of a job well done

Once won’t hurt, we will talk today about an additional subject but a very important one in the world of business and / or craftmanship, the love of a job well done, the pride of offering a product which will be judged favorably in the light of competition.

To illustrate our point, we wanted to talk about an entrepreneur that almost everyone knows: Steve Jobs.

Its history is now better known, but certain passages remain little publicized. Only fans or avid readers will come to grips with the bulky but extremely interesting “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson.

The latter relates an anecdote that, at Kiminote, we find inspiring.

Steve Jobs, abandoned by his biological parents at a young age, was taken in by a couple living in California, whose man was a carpenter. One day when his adoptive father was working on a dresser, young Steve became interested and was struck by the time he spent making the back of the dresser (The non-visible part).

Steve jobs then asked his father why he was spending so much time and trying so hard to make a part of the dresser that no one would see and no one would know it had been sloppy.

And his father replied: “Yes, I understand, but I would know. “

Beyond the anecdote, it is the impact it had on the future of Steve Jobs and his intransigence regarding the quality of the products offered at Apple. On each product, they want to do the best they can, from the operating system to the last screw.

At Kiminote, on our scale and in all humility, we share this idea and we only want to offer products that we will be proud to sell, products made by people sharing the same intransigence in quality and finish.

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